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Feeding Your Feeder - In Wrestling & Church

The Match Made in Heaven Between 'Wrestling' & 'Local Men's Ministries'

Mats2Men History and Philosophy

The Good vs. The Best

Wrestling leadership (those with a commitment to the Lordship of Christ) must provide a place in their annual calendar where the opportunity to participate simply for 'the love of the game' is ranked alongside local 5K running events or even major marathons where the goal is not just “winning” but trying and finishing something new. The outcome of that approach can become an affinity with the potential of developing a band of brotherhood which transforms any community where it is planted.

In short, while gold medals and baptisms are good, they are not the main objectives. These are simply by-products of the greater goal of hearing, experiencing and responding to God's call on a boy's life as expressed in Mats2Men mission statement: 'we exist to help boys reach their God-given potential through positive male role models at local wrestling clubs and events.'  

We pray that these thoughts will deeply resonate with you and create a holy restlessness to act. If this is your response, Mats2Men has been praying to meet you.

Next Steps

Here's our plan for you to consider or modify to fit your community:

2. Plan with another district or regional partner a beginner-friendly father/son competition for each of these practices. REMINDER: You are investing in your community so do everything as close to free as you possibly can.

From our headquarters here in Columbia, SC our prayer continues to be that Almighty God will raise an army to help us accomplish His clear call from Isaiah 58:12 to:

'... rebuild the ancient ruins...raise up the age-old foundations;

...be called Repairer of Broken Walls, and Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.'

through HIS men today & for generations to come!

Getting Started
Have you ever considered using a Youth Wrestling Program to spark your men's & boys ministry? It is among the most challenging (yet rewarding) ventures a group of adults can take on. As in all such initiatives, there are always major challenges. Let's consider a strategy to creatively help boys and men through the sport of wrestling to answer the call of Christ to 'go and make disciples' in their communities and onto wherever life takes them.

Mats to Men has always believed that with the right introduction, almost all boys will appreciate and enjoy wrestling. After 8 years, Mats 2 Men has proved its theory. Without fail, at the conclusion of every season, boys and their families ask how they can experience more of the sport and the enrichment it brings to their lives and neighborhoods. 

Mats to Men is mainly concerned with intangible values that develop boys into men of honor (regardless of their potential as an athlete). This priority is easily lost when boys are pitted against each other to see who is the strongest and best. That dynamic naturally drives boys (and men) to strive only for winning records, individual ambition and gold medals. These forces make focusing on the object lessons of masculine character development and life application very difficult. 
​Mats2Men depends upon men's ministries for its base of volunteers. Local churches are committed to the same goals as Mats2Men; but the 'gold medal' for church leadership is often measured in baptisms. Baptisms are, of course, a good thing but we must never forget the sacrifice and service that gives lasting value to those baptisms. 
1. With a few other committed adults, plan for eight beginner-friendly father/son practice dates annually. REMINDER: The goal is to share what you love, meet new friends and make some memories.

We suggest these calendar dates can be:
a. four consecutive Wednesdays starting mid-January.
b. midsummer Monday-Thursday
​3. Let Mats to Men help you with promotion, curriculum, long range ministry,equipping, and developing competitive all-star events.

4. Stay in touch to charter Mats2Men in your community.